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Aggregating output values from linked ARM templates in copy operation

Azure Resource Manager templates are a powerful way to describe and automate the creation of Azure services and they're getting more powerful with each subsequent release. I was recently confronted with the challenge of aggregating output values of linked templates deployed in a copy operation so the values could be used in the creation of services later in the template. This post presents a recipe for how you can do the same should you be confronted with this situation - I hope you'll join me.

Recipe Azure ARM Template

Hand-drawn Icons

Something you should know about me is that I like to draw the actual Azure service icons when I'm whiteboarding a solution. I find my brain recognizes those glyphs more readily than your standard square or circle. Well, having spent some time revamping my blog I was feeling a bit creative and I thought it might be fun to hand draw some icons I can work into architectural diagrams while writing blog posts.

Icons Creativity Creative Commons

Goodbye Ghost, Hello Wyam

So it seems as if no matter how committed I am, blogging is just one of those things that unfortunately always gets bumped to the bottom the priority list and utlimately never happens. Because of this, it became difficult for me to justify spending ~$50/mo ($600/yr) running Ghost Blog on Azure and therefore I began searching for lower cost alternatives.

Moving On